Tango Electrónico


Electronic tango, also known as «electrotango» or «techno tango» is a musical style created by the fusion between tango and electronic music.

«AFTER TANGO», takes our repertoire and recreates it in danceable versions, but with all the quality, power and brightness of modern instruments, where the sound of a bandoneon cannot be missing.

It differs from other groups of this style, interpreting well-known and traditional tangos and milongas, but recreating their musical arrangement in a new and modern version, where you can clearly enjoy the sonority of the original piece.
The quartet is integrated by a keyboardist, an electronic bass, drums and bandoneon.

Special to accompany with live music, meetings of all kinds, where dancers can also be added to give dynamism to the interpretation, demonstrating that After Tango is true tango and absolutely danceable.


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