Since 2004, Tango Desire is the main artistic number of the prestigious Zanjón de Granados, participating in events performed for the highest level of national and international enterprises and prestigious audience.

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tango Desire company has a rising career since year 2002.

Integrated by a staff of young experienced dancers, singers and musicians, performing traditional and modern tango, milonga, and contemporary tango with Astor Piazzolla’s music. Nowadays also performing electronic Tango. One of the strongest characteristics of the company is the group choreographies that can only be achieved by years of working together and knowledge, with a strong team work, our dancers are world recognized tango masters, and our singers and musicians are the highest level of the tango industry. Artistic quality, cordiality and hard work are three of our values to develop this passion.



Composed by up to twelve couples, who develop their artistic career in the most important tango houses of the city and which are combined in our stable cast for the realization of events in Argentina and presentations abroad. All tango dancers are chosen so that their technique and artistic quality maintain the true essence of tango. In addition to these artistic conditions, its members must gather human qualities that allow them to form a solid and warm group.


Female, male or duet singers. Mrs. Cecilia Casado and Mr. Hernán Frizzera, both with a wide national and international trajectory, are our titular singers.


Our company has a prestigious group of traditional tango musicians, led by maestros Erica Di Salvo and Richard Cappz. The traditional musical group is composed of piano, bass, violin, bandoneon, viola and cello, providing a solid musical flow to the orchestra.

We also have another electronic tango musical group, which we have specially trained recreating our choreographies and sung songs, so that this modern sound does not lose the essence of the genre. In this case it is integrated by a bandoneon, keyboard, electronic bass and drums, led by Mr. Facundo Rodríguez.

Our shows respect the genre essence, with a striking and modern rhythm and style, entertaining even those spectators who are not tango lovers.