Traditional o Electronic Tango Show

We have extensive experience and we can adapt to the need of the event in terms of forms and duration. We carry out a modern tango show, for social events and business. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the customer.

Traditional Tango Show

Dancing couples and / or singers in a dynamic and participatory show with the audience, and may also be accompanied by live musicians of high international quality. By averaging the show, we cordially invite to dance to the public with professional dancers. Also offer a short tango class, for the entertainment of the guests. The singers perform the songs best known to the public.

Electronic Tango Show

In this case accompanied by the electronic quartet After Tango and also performing individual and group choreographies. Singers can accompany us to enhance the presentation, being also participatory with the guests. The audience can be invited to dance alongside professional dancers.

Tango Classes

Provided by our tango masters, to all those who wish to learn to dance tango and milonga, with a technique of rapid learning. We then accompany them to a milonga in Buenos Aires City, to practice all what they learned in a real dance floor.

Creation of Shows

We offer the service of creation of tango shows, personalized for each client. In addition, Tango can it be combined with other artistic expressions (hip hop tango, circus, aerial artists, cabaret), making the show for your event to be unique and original.

Show "Evita"

It can be performed in two versions: only a singer or she accompanied by dancers, who perform the presentation of "Evita" dressed as characters of the time, and accompany her at the end of the presentation. She will sing "you must love me" and "Don't cry for me Argentina"

Additional features

For small or medium shows we can provide sound and lighting. When your event has a video projection, we can accompany our presentations with our own videos.