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Argentine Tango Company

Located in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, born in 2002 with the strong premise of maintaining the essence and elegance of Argentine Tango. Since then, we capture our understanding of tango, not only as an artistic interpretation, but also a feeling: our desire that the authentic tango, which passionates audiences around the world, will be always kept alive..

Buenos Aires - Argentina

About us

We provide diversity and versatility in every performance, taking the viewer on a journey through time and tango history, from the “conventillos” to the present.

Our performances can have different amount of couples, from twelve pairs of dancers to smaller shows, depending of the production that is requested. We have individual and group choreographies. Our artists are selected considering their technical and artistic quality where you can feel the true essence of tango and their passion.

The company has different style of singers inside the tango genre. We have female singers, male singers or duets. All with excellent presence and artistic qualities of first international class. The traditional tango orchestra of Tango Desire Company can be with its typical format of five musicians or the reduced version of four musicians, among the bests top tango musicians. For electronic performances, Tango Desire also has the support of an electronic tango quintet for modern spectacles.

Carlos Ferreyra


Our tango shows are modern and with an entertaining style.

International performances

October and November 2018​

Tour through 24 cities in France and Belgium with the show “Tango, the Rhythm of the Night"

(Bordeaux–Chauvigny-Enghien Les Bains-St Brice Sous Foret-Epernon-Lagny-St Ismier-Menton-Sanary/Mer-Leguevin-Castres-Chateaurenard-Tournon-Villeparisis-Cholet-Mantes La Ville-Louvain (Belgique)-Sedan-Clichy Sous Bois-Draveil-St Marcel-Pouzauges-La Baule-Plougonvelin-Asnieres Sur Seine-Sens).

September and October 2016​

Tour through cities in China with the show "Tango, the Rhythm of the Night" ​


December 2013 to January 2014​

Tour through cities in China with the show “Tango Desire, the Real tango”.​


December 2012 to January 2013​

Tour through seven cities in China with the show “Tango Desire, the Real tango”.​

(Dunhuang-Lanzhou-Jinhua-Hangzhou-Shanghai-Quingdao) “Tango, the Rhythm of the Night"

August 2012

Harbin, China

the company participates, with other local and international artists of high level, at the opening ceremony of the Festival of Music in Harbin (China), event televised across China (CCTV), Asia and 50 channels in Europe.​

May 2012

Tour China “Beijing Arts Festival”

Six dance couples, two singers and our Quintet are presented with traditional and electronic tango. (Yantai – Beijing – Lanzhou)

October 2011 ​

Santiago de Chile

Tango Desire was presented at the "Oriente" theater in the city of Santiago de Chile, with the show "Buenos Aires B.A." composed with a traditional and an electronic tango.

June 2007

Grecia- Tessaloniki Hyatt Regency Casino (Vergina Theatre)

Espectáculos de gala para las noches de Navidad y Año nuevo, y también la temporada de enero de 2008.- 25 funciones.

Gira por diecinueve ciudades de Francia, 31 funciones se realizan con éxito de crítica y público.

December 2007 / January 2008

Servia and Croatia

Artistic presentation in the capital of this European nations.​

November 2006

Geneva (Switzerland) London (England)

Artistic presentation in the capital of this European nations.

October and November 2006

Tour por 19 ciudades de Francia

Tour through nineteen cities in France, 31 functions are performed with critical and public success.

October 2006

Bogotá – Colombia

The ballet takes part in the show “Magic, Tango and wine” produced by Mr. Omar Figliolia, with functions in Colsubsidio Theatre “Roberto Arias Pérez”.

Our shows

Shows for events

Dance Couples – Singers – Musicians.

Dancing couples and singers in a dynamic and participatory show with the audience, and may also be accompanied by live musicians of high international quality.

Theatrical shows

  • The Real Tango
  • Forbidden Tango
  • The Rhythm Of The Night
  • Dreams


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