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It is the last show created by the Tango Desire company in 2021. It was carried out in the imposing venue: El Zanjón de Granados, San Telmo.

Tango Desire company tells this exciting story, which was part of the official show of the 2021 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, with an elite cast.

About the show

Musical Direction: Erica Di Salvo

Musical arrangements: Richard Capzz  – Erica Di Salvo.

Dancers: Alejandro Ferreyra & Noelia Pizzo  – Leandro Oliver & Laila Rezk – Juan Paulo Horvath & Natalia Turelli – Walter Suquía & Ayelén Sánchez – Emmanuel Casal & Yanina Muzika – Mirisol & Facundo Karazey.

SingersCecilia Casado – Hernán Frizzera

MusiciansErica Di Salvo: Violin – Oscar Pittana: Double bass – Gustavo Michalik: piano – Federico Pereiro: bandoneón – Ignacio Porjoloski: viola – Ulises Di Salvo: cello.

Directors and ChoreographersAlejandro Ferreyra, Fernanda Grosso.

Idea and Story: Carlos Ferreyra, Alejandro Ferreyra, Fernanda Grosso.

Production: Carlos Ferreyra.


It is known that Buenos Aires nights have countless legends, urban myths and the living history of tango.

In this show, we will enter into the dreams of our main character, where this story take place: in the deep and savage nights of a tango house, from the beginning of the 20th century, where there live the darkest characters of the city, the woman sensuality and power ambitions.

After a strange event, through love and dedication, our main character will make the place resurgence, as a popular “Milonga”.

Years later, the economic crisis hits the country, its artists and the people who used to attend to enjoy the meeting at the milonga.

Many of them, go into exile in other countries, pursuing their dreams and goals, others in the search of a better life… after years of success abroad, but with endless sorrow because of being homesick, the owner of the milonga returns to Buenos Aires, decided to make his place and dreams resurface.

Would he be able achieve his dreams? Let’s search in the depths of our being. Only then, we will realize, that there… right in front of us, is everything we desire…


Is the new company theater show. Dance and music will take you to a journey across the tango mysteries. This show has 4 acts, with 4 different stories of the passionate golden years, of the old Buenos Aires city. The cultural changes, the immigration, the night life, the colorful milongas, the fights for women and power, and the evolution of the genre are all part of the: Rhythm of the night..


Show presented in more than 40 Chinese cities with great critical success and audience.


Released in Santiago de Chile, it was the first show brought to China, with great success.


This musical tango show reviews a history of passion and betrayals in Buenos Aires, and shows the glamorous life of a great movie star, and the suburbs of the city: the brothels of Buenos Aires, sensual and vertiginous places where tango lives. This is the story of a man who lived in great love, dealt with the sins of those around him, and ...