Tango show for events

Some proposals for your corporatesocial event

Traditional Tango Show

according to your taste or need: 

The most complete option is performed by musicians, singers and tango dancers.  From the minimum option of piano, bandoneon and violin, to a sextet integrated by the same instruments plus a double bass, cello and viola. The number of couples of dancers of your choice, and you can also opt for a male or female singer, or better yet for both, where they can perform formidable duets.

Couple/s of dancers and singer/s in a mixed show, in which together and alternately they develop the show, with all the elements mentioned above, achieving a very complete show. They will be accompanied with musical tracks.

Dancers and musicians in a dynamic show, where tangos, milongas that will be danced by one or more tango couples and also instrumental themes, where the musicians will be able to show their quality and virtuosity.

Singers and musicians in a musical show, where tangos, milongas and instrumental songs will be performed.

It can be performed from one couple of dancers, up to twelve, dancing tangos and traditional milongas. Also some tangos with electronic sound.
When it is performed by more than one couple, ensemble dances can be performed, in which group costumes are used for a better showcasing of the show.
The public will be cordially invited to dance and take pictures with the dancers if they wish.

International quality musicians, who perform in the best tango houses in the city of Buenos Aires, can participate in your event accompanying a cocktail or dinner, interpreting a wide variety of musical themes.

Performed by a male or female singer, or both. Of excellent presence and wide repertoire. They will also involve the audience in their presentation, inviting them to accompany them in well-known songs. In this case, they will be accompanied by audio tracks.

Evita Show

This tribute show can be performed in two versions: only one singer, or accompanied by dancers dressed as characters of the time, performing a previous dance and the presentation of “Evita” on stage. 

They will also escort her at the end of her performance. The songs to be performed: “You Must Love Me” and “Don’t cry for me Argentina”.


Electronic tango show

All the power and modernity in an unforgettable electronic tango show. After tango interprets our repertoire and your event can count on this quartet of excellent musicians, accompanied also with couples of dancers.


Tango Lessons