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Argentine tango company

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Argentine tango

Argentine tango company made up of dancers, singers and musicians,

specializing in events and theatrical shows.

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Theatrical performances

  • “The Real Tango”
  • “Forbidden Tango”
  • “The Rhythm Of The Night”
  • “Dreams”

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Event shows

Our tango shows have a modern, dynamic and entertaining style, being able to be participative with the audience. Traditional or electronic tango shows.

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Characters - Traditional tango show - Show Evita - Electronic Tango show

Tango Classes

Group or private lessons, given by tango and milonga teachers with a quick learning technique. After some classes, we accompany those who wish to go to a “milonga” in the city of Buenos Aires, so they can practice what they have learned.

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Creation and staging

We offer the service of creating tango shows, customized for each client. Tango can be combined with other artistic expressions (hip hop, circus, aerial artists, cabaret), making the show created for your event unique and original.

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International Performances


Our tango shows have a moderndynamicand entertaining style, and can also be participative with the audience.